Sweet Raspberry Souffle!

Hello all! For Lavender Lunch today, we are eating a Sweet Raspberry Souffle! Recently, I have been studying under Charles Michel - a culinary educator, activist, artist, public speaker, and scientist. In July, I took a course of his called Ecology of Food on his family land in Bordeaux, France. It was an educational journey as well as deeply emotional for me because of my relationship with food. I left my job as Chef de Cuisine of Kitchen Mouse in the spring and felt lost as to what to do next, so I went to France for answers. Charles helped me uncover my love for food again after it had become just a job. Arriving to France, I felt jaded towards food and severely burnt out but I knew I was supposed to continue my exploration of gastronomy and not turn away from it. I left France feeling alive again. I had that glimmer again. I was tasting and thinking about food differently.

I went to Spain following his class and had some of the best culinary experiences of my life. One of these experiences included a 12 person chef’s table in a private dinner club where the food was shopped for that day and prepared right on the table before us. We stayed there until 4 AM socializing with the others at the table who were strangers hours before and even had a mini dance party. Those chefs, Carlos and Manuel are doing incredible things and if you ever find yourself in San Sebastian, try to get a spot at the table at Sataula. They were so sweet, hardworking, and went out of the way to make a vegan & gluten-free tasting menu for me. Thank you, chefs!

As soon as I got back from Europe, I signed up for the highest tier of Charles Michel’s Patreon membership which is the mentorship and co-creation tier. I’ve been loving working with him and learning from his wealth of knowledge on food. As a vegan, I haven’t learned much classic French culinary technique, so I have made it a mission to learn as much of this from Charles as possible, as he’s worked in 3 Michelin star restaurants and has that classical background. In August, Charles taught a cheese souffle course which I took and he challenged me to make a vegan & gluten-free souffle. I did some research and found a recipe by Cheerful Cuisine that looked promising so I tried it out a few times, making some tweaks and ended up with a nice, sweet, and fluffy Raspberry souffle! Check my instagram for the recipe and look out for more recipes on my feed.

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